Pay your daily bills using your bitcoins. Simple, easy and direct at the hotel reception. Check out this new thing


Since the beginning of 2018, we have accepted payment in Bitcoins at our Royal Boutique Jardins hotel in São Paulo.

but after all, what is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency, that is, a digital currency.

It is totally virtual and is not tied to any financial institution.

Transfers are made through digital wallets always electronically and through codes.

How to pay for your daily expenses

The transaction will always happen at the reception of our hotel.

In partnership with CoinWise, we have installed software that functions as a portfolio to receive the amounts transferred by our customers. The transaction is made in bitcoins using the currency quote on the day of payment, pegged to the amount in R $ (reais).

If you're curious, the next time you're staying in Sao Paulo, opt for the payment in bitcoin and see how simple it is

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